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AND DUTCH was created by Dutchman, GJ Baan, who moved from his native country The Netherlands to  London, UK.

As a proud Dutchman he felt strongly that the UK should be introduced to  various bicycle designs that the Dutch were so accustomed too.

After noticing a big rise in “Dutch-style” bicycles in London, he wondered if there was a craving for the genuine article - a genuine Dutch bicycle, assembled and shipped directly to your doorstep from the “land of cycling”, The Netherlands.

With the aim to become the UK’s No1 online bicycle store providing predominately a unique and varied collection of high quality and multi-award winning Dutch bicycles and accessories to the UK, he envisaged that And Dutch would be able to provide its customers with a Dutch bicycle or accessory that suits their specific needs and lifestyle.

The year, 2010, which was proclaimed the “Year of cycling” by Boris Johnson, he decided to pave the way for this experience by opening www.anddutch.co.uk in December 2010.

 Member of the Federation of Small Businesses