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Bicycle Repairs

Bicycle Workshop

And dutch has partnered up with London based repairs centre, Bicycle Workshop, to provide our (London) customers with an extra professional service.

We provide our customers the option to have their ordered bicycle(s) send to Bicycle Workshop for ONLY £45 per bicycle where it will undergo a check-over and futher assembly if required and where it will be ready for COLLECTION (Please add 3 additional working days to our standard delivery time lines)

We will notify you per email when your bicycle is ready for collection - Please allow for extra 3 working days to the "normal" delivery timelines as indicated under the ABOUT header.

NOTE: When ordering accessories (seperate or in addition to a bicycle), these CANNOT be sent to Bicycle Workshop - Please place your order seperate to an alternative shipping address.

NOTE: When using Bicycle Workshop as your postage option, please understand that you CANNOT return your bicycle under the "Consumer Selling Regualtions", as the bicyle would have been taken out of its box and is being handled/worked on by Bicycle Workshop employees.

Bicycle Workshop is a small shop near central London that specialises in repairing all types of bicycles. Their main work is on commuter and utility bicycles. Hub gears do not daunt them; neither do drum brakes, fully-enclosed chains, disc brakes or suspension, therefore being one of a few great repair specialists in  "classic- retro" Dutch bicycles.

If you require further information, please click on the logo.

Contact Details Bicycle Workshop:

27 All Saints Road, London

W11 1HE

Tel: 020 7229 4850

E: info@bicycleworkshop.co.uk

Opening Times: 10:00 - 18:00 Tuesday - Saturday (closed 14:00 - 15:00)