About Bike2Work Scheme

Bike2Work Scheme is a UK government tax incentive aimed at encouraging employees to cycle to work, thereby reducing air pollution and improving their general health. The scheme is already in operation and allows employees to benefit from a long term loan of a bicycle and safety equipment completely tax free.

All our bicycle prices are including international shipping from The Netherlands to your doorstep. (exclusions may apply) For accessories a small (international) shipping cost is applicable. Please highlight any accessories you are interested in, and we will add these to your quote request. 

NOTE: Bike2Work Scheme is one of the Governments Cycle-To-Work Scheme partners.

How does the scheme work?

The below overview should be read in conjunction with The Department for Transport's 'Cycle to Work schemes' booklet, which is available from http://www.dft.gov.uk/pgr/sustainable/cycling/cycletoworkguidance

The Bike2Work Scheme can be initiated either by the employer or employee. For example, one of your employees may find out about the scheme through visiting our site, www.anddutch.co.uk, and request that you set up the scheme by using the “Bike 2 Work Scheme”. Alternatively, you may want to initiate and publicise the scheme to encourage cycling among your employees. The below gives you an overview of steps to undertake in the scheme

What to do:

  • Employer registers with Bike2Work Scheme - which is easy to do. Also an employer can register with various cycle-to-work-schemes. http://www.bike2workscheme.co.uk/signup.php or call on 0800-6122603. Please make sure to quote  AND DUTCH.
  • Employee visits us, AND DUTCH, website; www.anddutch.co.uk, to make their selection and obtain a written quote from us.
  • Once employee receives the written quote from us (request per email: info@anddutch.co.uk) please download and fill out the "Quotation Form"
  • As part of the "quotation form" requirement, please add our bike shop code: BKS795
  • Employee provides a copy (PDF) of the filled out "Quotation Form" to info@anddutch.co.uk
  • Employee presents written quotation to the employer for authorisation
  • Employer provides authorisation to Bike2Work Scheme
  • Employer makes payment to Bike2Work Scheme as per quotation form
  • Bike2Work Scheme issues voucher per 1st class post to employer
  • Employer to pass on voucher to employee
  • Employee presents voucher to us, AND DUTCH, via www.anddutch.co.uk, (a scan of the voucher send per email to info@anddutch.co.uk is sufficient) 
  • AND DUTCH provides employee their chosen bicycle/ equipment send fully boxed and assembled directly to the address as indicated.
  • Employee's Interest Free monthly payments commence

Employer Benefits

  • Fitter, healthier and more productive staff
  • Healthy staff are less likely to be absent through stress or illness
  • Savings on employers NI contributions (up to 12%)
  • Reduce your business carbon footprint
  • Bike2work scheme administers the scheme for you at no cost to your company
  • Cycling to work reduces congestion and demand for parking
  • Scheme is an attractive benefit for employees
  • Your company will be registered with Green Achiever and will be listed in the Green Achiever Business Directory

Employee Benefits

  • Save up to 50% on the cost of a new bike and equipment
  • Cost is spread over 12 monthly interest free payments
  • Save money on travelling costs
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Lose weight and tone up
  • Improve your general health and well-being
  • Improve mental health and help reduce stress levels
  • Look good, feel great, save money and help save the planet!

EXAMPLE Salary sacrifice - Bike2Work Scheme 

Under his employer’s scheme, John chooses to have the loan of a bike retailing at £450.

  • His employer reclaims the VAT – reducing the cost to £383
  • This net amount is met by John agreeing to a salary sacrifice whereby his gross pay is reduced by £21.28 per month over 18 months. (a minimum of 12 months is required)
  • The monthly net cost to John will be £14.26 because he doesn’t pay tax or national insurance on the gross pay (£21.28) that he has sacrificed.
  • At the end of the 18 month period John’s employer offers the ex-loan bike for sale at a fair market price under a separate sale agreement e.g. £50. (To establish the fair market price, employers should obtain quotes from us, www.anddutch.com or other retailers as the value of the bike will partly depend on the level of use).
  • The cost to John is:
    • Net salary given up £14.26 x 18 months = £256.68
    • Cost to buy the bike at end of the period = £50
    • Total cost to John (68% of retail price) = £306.68

If you would like to know what savings you likely would receive, please click go to the BIKE2WORK website and find out HOW MUCH YOU COULD SAVE


Who is eligible for the scheme?

All company employees qualify for the scheme, providing that they are UK Taxpayers via the PAYE system and over 18 years of age. Earnings must be above the national minimum wage after the salary sacrifice has been deducted. Self-employed individuals are not permitted to participate in the scheme.

Is the scheme available to all employees?

Government guidelines state that to qualify for the tax exemption, the scheme must be offered to all employees and not just directors or to certain employees as an incentive

Who administers the scheme?

Bike2Work Scheme will administer the scheme on behalf of the employer. All the employer needs to do is deduct the salary sacrifice from the payroll

How do we promote the scheme to the employees?

Bike2Work Scheme will provide advertising literature in order for employers to promote the scheme to their employees

How are the savings made?

The scheme allows employees a tax exemption whereby they save on income tax, NI contributions and VAT* by having the cost of the bike deducted from their gross salary. Payment is to be made over 12 interest free monthly instalments

*some organisations are unable to offer VAT savings

What is a salary sacrifice?

Salary sacrifice is where an employee gives up the right to part of their pay due under his or her contract of employment. Usually, the sacrifice is made in return for the employer's agreement to provide the employee with some form of non-cash benefit

When do I start to pay?

Salary sacrifice is to commence when the employee has redeemed their voucher

Can I pay off the balance earlier?

No, the salary sacrifice period is fixed at a minimum period of 12 months

Who does the bicycle belong to?

The employer is the owner of the bicycle and the employee leases the bicycle from their employer for the duration of the salary sacrifice period

What happens when the instalment plan has ended?

The employer can offer the employee the chance to make a fair market value payment for transfer of ownership of the goods. This is to be deducted from the employee’s net salary

What happens if my employment ends?

If employment ends before the end of the scheme then the bicycle will become a taxable benefit. The remaining balance of the bicycles cost will be deducted from the employee’s final pay

What happens if I am off work?

If an employee is on leave and their monthly salary sacrifice cannot be met then the payments will be suspended until they are earning again

How much does the scheme cost to the employer?

The scheme is free of charge to set up and costs nothing to run. The employer makes the initial purchase and then leases the bicycle/equipment to the employee via a salary sacrifice until the full amount is recovered

Where can I buy my bicycle?

You can purchase your bicycle and equipment from us. Make sure you quote ‘Bike 2 Work Scheme’ when requesting your written quotation via E: info@anddutch.co.uk

Do we have to be registered for VAT to use the scheme?

You do not need to be VAT registered to run the scheme; however only VAT registered companies can pass on the VAT saving to their employees. Check with your local VAT office for eligibility information

Can the employer reclaim VAT on the purchase of the bicycle and equipment?

VAT can be reclaimed on bicycles if they are used to reduce car use, increase staff health or for the implementation of a green travel plan. Safety helmets are exempt from VAT

Do I need approval from HMRC?

You do not need prior authorisation from HMRC to take advantage of the Cycle To Work Scheme or to use a salary sacrifice to offset the cost

How much can I spend?

Up to £1000 per employee is permitted. For purchases over £1000 the employer will require a consumer credit license. The office of fair-trading has issued a license that permits employers to write hire agreements up to the value of £1000 in order to run a Cycle-To-Work Scheme (in this case Bike2Work Scheme)

What equipment can I buy?

Eligible equipment includes cycles and cyclists safety equipment e.g.: cycle helmets, bells and bulb horns, lights, mirrors and mudguards, cycle clips and dress guards, luggage carriers and straps, locks and chains, pumps and repair kits and reflective clothing.

Can I buy a more expensive bicycle than the voucher value?

The limit is set at £1000. Employees are not permitted to add their own money to the purchase

Can I use my voucher to buy a bicycle for someone else?

Due to the tax exemption the bike and equipment purchased must be for personal use. The voucher is personal to the employee and non-transferable

Can I purchase more than one bicycle?

An employee can purchase more than one bike but both cannot add up to more than £1000. Both bikes must be used by the employee for journeys to and from work

What do I do if my bicycle is stolen or damaged?

It is recommended that the employee arrange appropriate insurance to cover the bicycle and equipment 

Can I use my bicycle during my leisure time?

Yes but the equipment must mainly be used for travelling to and from the employee’s place of work. The government guidelines recommend that at least 50% of the time using the equipment should be for work related journeys

Documentation do I need to sign?

The employer will need to sign up with Bike2Work Scheme. Each employee will need to sign a hire purchase agreement, which sets out details of their salary sacrifice. We will provide the necessary paperwork that ensures you will comply with all the regulations

When can I collect my bicycle?

In this instance, AND DUTCH, website: www.anddutch.co.uk is an online retailer and therefore your bicycle will be assembled and delivered to the address as indicated by yourselves.

Are there any credit-checks involved?

There are no credit-checks involved

What happens if the bicycle needs maintenance?

The employee is responsible for maintaining their bicycle (e.g.: repairs and servicing).