Well hopefully this little txt will give you some idea. (together with a great testimonial from this customer based in Canada.)

FREE OF INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY from The Netherlands to your delivery address in the UK, USA or CANADA with a little help from FED EX! ...A box is all that is required!

All bikes are for 90-100% assembled and have gone through stringent quality control procedures and are of course securely packed, as we don't like these beauties to have a single scratch on them! 

Our bikes come with a 5 year warranty (exceptions are indicated on each individual product page) and if you want to add some cool accessories..well we can help you with that too! 

Really there is no need to to worry or panic...choose the bike your like, place your order and within 14 working days you quickly will become the envy of all your friends and family members! 

(As per images) 

When people ask me, what was the highlight of your trip to Europe? my answer is "riding the bikes in Holland" 

In Canada we have bikes that have the appearance of a Dutch Town bike, but the quality of the materials and ride of the bike does not compare to the real thing. I often wished there was a way to get a "real" Dutch Town Bike. 

Then one day I found an advertisement for And Dutch bikes and I contacted Mr. Baan with several of questions. He was so helpful and quick to respond, his attention to detail was fantastic, he offered stellar customer service. 
He even called me to offer me a new colour choice, when the creme colour became available from the manufacturer. ( I did prefer the new colour and we amended the order). 
My Bike left the Netherlands on Friday and was at my doorstep the following Monday four days to Canada! Unbelievable! 
The bike arrived well packed and without a scratch. I ordered the Burgers Ladies 3 speed Cargo Bike with front carrier. 
Mr. Baan customized the order for me to include the rear carrier as well. 

The accessories I ordered were Norwich Wicker Basket and New Looxs Bolzano Pannier, both of which are made of high quality materials and look fantastic on my bike. 
Thank you Mr. Baan exceeding my expectations and for making my Dutch Bike dream come true! 

Laurelle Aaltink-Petrella, Hamilton, ON, Canada.