If you are a company that has Sustainabilty, CSR, Green Credentials and Uniquenss high on the list, this could potentially be an interesting read!

We are a young and ambitious company that specialises in the various unique, stylish and exclusive (to the UK market) design bicycles. We just secured a large contract with a company that has over 3,500 employees to its name, where we will be added as a secondary benefit to its employees....and that is just the start...

If you are a company that is based in the UK and that would like to discuss either having your own branded corporate bicycles or have our company added as a secondary benefit to its staff, please do contact us on anddutch@gmail.com.

For more information please read the below.

Corporate Bicycles

Our bicycle range can be implemented into your corporate structure in 2 ways:

* As a corporate customised option

* As a secondary benefit to staff

Why purchase a corporate bicycle?

And dutch and bicycle partners: Classic Retro; Burgers, Chainless & Folding; Beixo and Urban-City; Vanmoof would like to work closely with companies to encourage all cycling initiatives and healthy & happier lifestyles for employers and employees alike. It will also provide another, relatively low cost, addition to the “green credentials” of your company.

The principle of corporate bicycles is the same as providing your employees with a companies’ laptop or mobile phone. It remains a part of your company and will be available to your employees to come and go, and on this occasion, on first-come, first-serve basis. It will mean a unique and easy accessible form of transportation option for your employees to travel to-and-from their house to your company (or station), reducing rather stressful journey times.

The added advantages is 2-fold;

*A company bicycle that is seen as a representation of your company, a visual identity (like a business card)

* A company bicycle that is used as a marketing tool A bicycle as your business card and/or marketing tool

Are you looking for an innovative way to promote your company?

Corporate bicycles can spread your brand fast and in style. Create your own customized crowd magnet and let your logo shine on the streets! In consultation with your we will design your own unique corporate bicycle.

In most instances this means adding decals to the bicycle. The decals would be your branding/logo etc. Lead time between 1- 4 weeks, 50 bicycles or more - with a lead time of 3-4 months (standard in our industry) ..why not tie in your corporate bicycles with your corporate house style? We can customise your corporate bicycles to almost any colour. Please click RAL colour chart for an impression. http://www.resin-floors.com/nl/info_ral.htm

NOTE: Not all corporate colours may be matched 100%.

A bicycle as a marketing tool

Why not tie in your corporate bicycles with marketing campaigns or branding? We can also customise your bicycles by adding your own company name and/or logo or any other advertisement campaign for your company. Corporate bicycles can also be a rather innovative way of promotional gifts to your clients, sponsors etc. at events. (E.g. by using their corporate house styles (colours and company name and/or logo)

NOTE: You could of course combine the reasoning for wanting your own fleet as aforementioned

Boutique & Lifestyle Hotels

Offering guests free or low-cost use of bicycles provides hotels with a compelling and affordable amenity that enhances the hotel experience. Guests appreciate the ability to use bikes to explore local sights and attractions. This is a very cost effective amenity for specialty hotels - and it really differentiates us from the other hotels in the area.

Get a free bicycle for your successful referral

If you think your employer should consider a fleet of bicycles for an employee bike share program, let us know. We'd love a referral to someone from your company's management team, human resources, or facility management department. Or if you have a favorite hotel where you know the manager or owner, we'd appreciate a referral. Send an email with individual contact names and email addresses to anddutch@gmail.com. If we establish an account with more than 50 bicycles based on your referral, we will give you a free beautiful Classic - Retro Burgers - Nostalgia or Cargo single speed or 3 speed bicycle OR the stunningly designed Vanmoof No3 single speed or 3 speed bicycle.

Reasons for purchasing corporate bicycles

* A unique and easy accessible form of transportation option

* Encourages a healthy & happier lifestyles for employers and employees alike

* Reduces rather stressful journey times for your employees

* A relatively low cost, addition to the “green credentials” of your company

* Company bicycles can be seen as a fleet, and could therefore be tax deductible for your company

* Each bicycle can be customised with your corporate colours and/or logo, slogans and brand messages

* An innovative way of promotional gifts to your clients, sponsors etc. at events

For examples of corporate bicycles please go to the bottom of http://www.anddutch.co.uk/corporate-bicycles

All our beautiful bicycles & accessories as a secondary benefit to your staff

A great way to introduce cycling to staff is to provide our stunning bicycles & accessories as a secondary benefit to your employees throughout the organisation.

The company may already be part of a cycle-to-work-scheme; however as we are a specialist bicycle company bringing truly exclusive and stylish Dutch bicycles & accessories to the UK, we truly would be a great addition if you are looking to add something unique to your staffs’ benefits.

How does it work?

This scheme allows for an employee to purchase a bicycle (and accessories and/or bicycle insurance) via its employer under an interest free loan; like you would when offering an interest free season ticket (travel) loan.

This loan is repayable by the employee within 12-18 months without paying a one-off last payment to "own" the bicycle. (This is the case with the Cycle To Work Scheme) However in almost all the instances this scheme would make it more cheaper, more health positive and provides a more green and sustainable credentials to, not only the employee, but also you the employer.

In general an employer would set a cap on the maximum interest free loan amount. (which can be set higher then the Government's "Cyle To Work Scheme"-If the purchase of a bicycle exceeds this set limit; the employee has the option to pay the additional costs as a one-off payment)