BLOG: BIROTA - The Netherlands latest bicycle brand to hit the UK

Tuesday, 6 December 2011 13:18:09 Europe/London


We would like to introduce Hollands latest brand, BIROTA.

Since launching their brand in the Netherlands earlier this year, they have been greatly received by the cycling community, and we are proud to represent this beautiful brand here in the UK.

BIROTA provides the folowing types of bikes:





Now this you won't hear often...


Comes with a LIFE LONG guarantee on the frame and 1 year on moving parts.

(only applicable by the initial purchaser)

...and as always all our bikes come with FREE DELIVERY from the Netherlands!

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And Dutch Newsletter - All about Dutch Town Bikes

Sunday, 4 December 2011 13:54:45 Europe/London

British and North Americans are becoming increasingly aware of the bicycle culture that comes out of the best bicycling country in the world – the Netherlands!

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How Biking Can Save Cities Billions of Dollars in Health Expenses

Wednesday, 9 November 2011 22:09:23 Europe/London

Nearly 70 percent of Americans' car trips are less than two miles long. It's a no-brainer that biking instead of driving to take care of these trips is a great way to get exercise while cutting air pollution.

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We are proud to announce our partnership with Foffa Bikes.

anddutch and foffa

anddutch and foffa

2 out of 16 samples from our FOFFA BIke range!

Foffa Bikes is one of UK's leading fixed gear bike manufacturers. All their stunning bikes are handmade / assembled and come in large variety of beautiful colours and options.

Due to high demand for this stunning brand there is a slight waiting list of approximately 10 working days before it can be delivered.

To celebrate we are giving away a pair of KNOG front and rear lights, worth £25, with every Foffa Bike purchase!

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London’s Ten Most Dangerous Junctions For Bike Riders Are?

Monday, 24 October 2011 22:32:59 Europe/London

List according to Cyclists in the City blog

  1. St. George's Road/London Road/ Elephant & Castle Junction Southwark
  2. Clapham Road/ Kennington Park Road/ Camberwell Road Junction
  3. Strand/Northumberland Avenue/Whitehall Junction
  4. Waterloo Road/ Stamford St/ York Road Junction
  5. Mansion House St/Princes St/ Threadneedle St
  6. Elephant & Castle/Newington Butts Roundabout
  7. Hyde Park Corner Westminster
  8. Millbank/Lambeth Bridge Junction
  9. Clerkenwell Road/Farringdon Road Junction (via Kings Cross)
  10. Albert Embankment/Kennington Lane/ Wandsworth Road Junction
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After our successful UK launch we have now launched its little brother,, especially for our American And Canadian Customers!

  • Do you live in the US or Canada?
  • Are you looking for exclusive brands?
  • Stylish, high quality a must?
  • Pay in your local currency?
  • Direct international shipment to your door?




and dutch ltd – a taste of Dutch lifestyle!

The online bicycle store that offers predominately exclusive & various Dutch design bicycles for the US and Canadian markets.


After successfully launching the UK version ( in December 2010, and being inundated by various requests by the lovely people from across the pond, it was inevitable…so we have! From today (October 21, 2011)  we have launched its little brother

Based in London - UK,, sell a large and diverse range of predominately Dutch design bicycles and accessories through its new online store.

The company offers award winning, high quality and stylish bicycles and accessories mostly unknown to the US and Canadian markets.

With exclusive men’s, ladies and children designs, offers amongst its product range;

  • Dutch Town bicycles by BURGERS (The Netherlands oldest and first bicycle brand-since 1868!),
  • MTB/Race/Hybrid by THOMPSON (Dutch/Belgium brand since 1926)
  • Chainless & folding by BEIXO,
  • Children’s balance bikes by KIDDIMOTO,
  • Stunning helmet designs by SAWAKO and HARDNUTZ
  • World oldest independent (Dutch) saddle maker LEPPER
  • More brands to follow soon!

And also supplies other award winning brands by

  • Elegant and renowned English saddle maker BROOKS
  • A large array (over 60 different items!) of beautiful & high quality accessories by Dutch BASIL and NEW LOOXS!

For companies who want to increase their ‘green’ image, and dutch could be added as a secondary benefit to staff or can provide a bespoke bicycle fleet that can be customised to accommodate corporate house styles.

and dutch also supports Re-Cycle, a charity that ships second hand bicycles to Africa, where amongst initiatives, they can be used by health/AIDS workers to reach remote villages.

Being accustomed to high quality bicycles and accessories in various designs in the Netherlands and noticing an ever increasing enthusiasm for also Dutch style bikes and bicycle usage in the US and Canada, GJ has decided to introduce the US and Canada to the authentic and NOT the dutch-style  Dutch bicycles and to bring a taste of Dutch lifestyle by launching the online store.

and dutch ltd. was founded by Dutchman GJ Baan. He has lived in Londonfor the past decade and has worked in the entertainment industry for various large corporations.


Editioral notes



Information about bicycles, services and company, please call Mr. GJ Baan on telephone +44 (0)7983 768 337


Please inform us when writing an editorial piece on and dutch ltd.


Do follow us on:



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World's Largest Solar Bridge Under Construction in London

Friday, 14 October 2011 11:40:47 Europe/London

The announcement that an iconic steam-era railway bridge is to become the world's largest solar bridge is big news indeed.

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EU Votes To Keep Whopping Tax On Chinese Bikes

Tuesday, 11 October 2011 12:53:08 Europe/London

The European Union has voted to maintain its ‘anti-dumping’ tax on bikes from China for another five years, to protect the domestic cycling industry from cheap imports.

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Handmade Dutch Bike Is All-Wooden -- Down To The Spokes

Monday, 10 October 2011 12:39:12 Europe/London

There's a lot of wooden bikes out there, ranging from the glue-it-yourself, no-metal kind, to award-winning, high-end designer bikes. But this near all-wooden bike, handmade by Dutch industrial designer Jan Gunneweg, must be one of the most beautiful wooden specimens we've seen to date.

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