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Steven Peck, San Diego California USA

"We purchased 2 Beixo Electra bikes with accessories, and we really love the bikes! Also, we get a lot of questions and comments on them. San Diego is home to many many cyclists but I doubt there are very many beixo compact electrics out there. Thanks for the excellent support

P. Witten, London

"I bought a Beixo “Slim” bike from AndDutch last month. Absolutely loving it. My first chainless and part folding bike! Service from AndDutch was fantastic and the bike was delivered within 5 days from Holland to my doorstep in London… I have a small place so the folding handle bars and pedals come in handy! Never ordered a bike online before but everything went swimmingly. I would highly recommend AndDutch and also the Beixo “Slim” as a great ride!

Clyde Aylin, Bury, Cambs

"Look Mum - No Chain or Chainset or Chainguard - and NO OILY HANDS!"Bike Image Whilst on holiday in France in November I discovered this lovely Dutch bike in a shop in Nice, and decided to buy it on my return. It is a first in UK and I am delighted with it. Built like a Mercedes! The cardan drive shaft is cleverly built in to the rear stay and is guaranteed for many years

D. Hoareau, London

"Just wanted to drop you and Anddutch, in general, a few lines to thank you. We are deeply touched by your courtesy call. I must say that we have had the most exhilarating time enjoying the splendor of London in such style and class. Needless to say, the Dutch ladies and gents town bikes (we have the black colour with 3 speeds) by “Burgers” have been a sensation. Many thanks for bringing it to us. And by the way, the health benefits have been tremendous.

M. Booth

"First of all …a great service from Anddutch. I had my helmet within 2 days! Loving…loving my Sawako Leopard Helmet. Not only do I look good in it and I feel more safe in traffic. It even feels lovely! A perfect helmet for my retro bike.

N. Maarsen, London

"As a Dutch person living in the UK, I hear a lot about "Dutch style" bikes but they never are like the real authentic thing...A true Dutch bicycle brand. "Burgers" is a brand I grew up with whilst still living in Holland. High quality with a lot of heritage. Needless to say I was very happy when I found out that fellow countryman Mr. Baan sold this brand exclusively in the UK... and a large collection as well if I may add. AndDutch advised me on the different types and which ones where best suited to my requirements. Now I cycle my "Burgers" Retro 8 speed bicycle everywhere. It rides so smooth and feels very comfortable. No sore behind or back for me! I would certainly recommend AndDutch and this brand if you are looking for authentic Dutch bikes...and not to rip-offs you can find anywhere else, as they will cost you more in the end on repairs! 5 year warranty speaks volumes to me!

K. Jackson, Glasgow

"Fantastic, really love my new Bolzano bike bag and it arrived super quick so I didn't have to wait long to enjoy it

G. Wijnen, Manchester

"2 months ago, I bought my Dutch town bike- a Burgers 3-speed cargo bike. I am so pleased. People stop, stare and ask me where I got it from…of course I have recommended you! Talk about great quality bicycles and accessories. I even bought a wooden crate with it…just pop in your shopping and off you go! It is a very smooth ride and such a difference from all the speed junkies out there. I like to ride in real comfort and style! Even my missus is now thinking of getting a Dutch town bike for herself

S. White, London

"I wanted something that was cool and contemporary in design and certainly not available everywhere else... Well I found it! The VANMOOF No.5 is a beauty. It even comes with an integrated lock - such a simple solution and yet so effective! AndDutch have been really great in their service offering and knowledge about their products. It took 5 days from order and I am now the proud owner of the very cool VANMOOF. For those interested..they have loads of other great bikes too...so I would suggest you check them out

H. Capamagian, Sidcup

"We are very pleased with our purchase from AndDutch. The double 22L Basil Boys pannier is a Christmas present for our 5 year old son and we know he will be delighted with the independence they will give him on our long cycle trips. AndDutch were very helpful and replied promptly to questions and delivery was really quick. We would certainly recommend you and would use you again. Best regards

E. Langford, Oxford

"I have a Brompton, but I wanted a change...I contacted AndDutch to see what they had on offer and was directed to the very stylish Strida. I can tell you the Brompton is gathering dust in my shed! Easy to fold and to drag around with you. Very stylish in design. AndDutch delivered the bike to my doorstep without any problems and rather quick. I would certainly recommend both AndDutch and the Strida!

A. Gerber, Perth Australia

"I like the wide range of cycling accessories available in fashionable styles… because its very rare to find these in our bike shops that seem to be more filled up with sporty gear

P. Matthew, Bristol

"Bolzano: The overall idea of combination single pannier and bag is a great one

Neil Metcalfe, Hampshire UK

"Just wanted to say thanks for delivering my Beixo Compact 7 promptly, order on 14th May @ 8pm and delivered 19th May @10am. After completing the minor assembly required and adjustments I am very pleased with my new bike. This is the first chainless bike I have owned and it is a very easy smooth clean ride. All the best for future success and I would happily recommend you to friends and family

D. Green, Liverpool

"Bought my Chrome Hardnutz helmet a little while ago. Quick and friendly service. Loving the helmet …so overall I am really happy with my purchase

B. Watson, Scotland

"Very good and quick service. I love my funky helmet, despite being slagged by my ‘serious cyclist’ husband!!!

Lucy Emery, London

"Thank you AndDutch! What fantastic products! I was so pleased with my 3 Speed Ladies Burgers Cargo bike I ordered - I just purchased two Kiddimoto balance bikes for my children. The Cargo bike is amazing! Delivered on time and with excellent customer care and help with all my queries. I even managed to arrange for my new bike to be fully assembled at your recommended bike work shop. I can't wait for my children to get their balance bikes for Christmas! I will definitely be back to buy accessories for my bike and I have already recommend you to my friends and family. Top notch products and service!